A. Z. Kouzani

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This paper presents a subwavelength grating based multilayer surface plasmon resonance biosensor (SPRB) which includes a periodic array of subwavelength grating on top of a layer of graphene sheet in the biosensor. The proposed biosensor is named grating-graphene SPRB (GG-SPRB). The aim of the proposed multilayer structure is to improve the sensitivity of(More)
Ensemble learning that combines the decisions of multiple weak classifiers to from an output, has recently emerged as an effective identification method. This paper presents a road-sign identification system based upon the ensemble learning approach. The system identifies the regions of interest that are extracted from the scene into the road-sign groups(More)
This paper presents a random forest-based face image classification method. The random forest is an ensemble learning method that grows many classification trees. Each tree gives a classification. The forest selects the classification that has the most votes. Three experiments are performed. The random forest-based method together with several existing(More)
The next generation of wireless networks is envisioned as convergence of heterogeneous radio access networks. Since technologies are becoming more collaborative, a possible integration between IEEE 802.16 based network and previous generation of telecommunication systems (2G, ..., 3G) must be considered. A novel quality function based vertical handoff (VHO)(More)
To exploit the benefits offered by parallel HEVs, an intelligent energy management model is developed and evaluated in this paper. Despite most existing works, the developed model incorporates combined wind/drag, slope, rolling, and accessories loads to minimise the fuel consumption under varying driving conditions. A slope prediction unit is also employed.(More)
RF MEMS plays an important role in microwave switching. The high performance of RF MEMS shunt such as high bandwidth, low insertion loss, and high isolation have made these switches well suitable for high performing microwave and millimeter wave circuits. This paper presents a RF MEMS shunt capacitive switch for Ka and V band application. This paper(More)
In this paper, the effects of silver nano-spheroid size and elongation on plasmon wavelength are investigated, and the plasmon eigenvalues are formulated as a function of the radius and aspect ratio of the nano-particles. These can be used in eigenmode plasmonic interaction method to study interaction of nano-particles on each other at dipole resonance(More)
A method is presented for identification of lung nodules. It includes three stages: image acquisition, background removal, and nodule detection. The first stage improves image quality. The second stage extracts long lobe regions. The third stage detects lung nodules. The method is based on the random forest learner. Training set contains nodule, non-nodule,(More)
This paper presents an Electrowetting-on-Dielectric (EWOD) device with optimized insulating layers operated by low actuation voltage. The device consists of an electrode array on a silicon substrate, covered by a dielectric layer and a hydrophobic layer. To characterize the performance of the device, simulations are performed for the dielectric layer of(More)
This paper proposes a novel sinusoidal shape nano-particle employed in localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) devices. Numerical modeling demonstrates advantages offered by the proposed nano-sinusoid on LSPR enhancement against other nano-particles including noble nano-triangles and nano-diamonds. Although nano-triangles exhibit high concentration of(More)