A. Z. Badr

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Ontology is generally defined as an explicit specification of conceptualization which involves the exploration of concepts and its relationships in the domain of interest. Ontology is used to share knowledge across semantic web services, agents and information systems. Therefore the ontology engineer should follow a methodology during the ontology(More)
Computer architects have always strived to increase the overall speed of processing for the CPUs. utilizing a reserved unused machine code "A5H", we can expands the tradition instruction set architecture (ISA) for the µCs-51 family, in this paper we introduce modification of internal architecture for the µCs-51 and their ISA to improve the overall µC(More)
Fuzzy Petri Net for Web Service Composition (FPN4WSC) aims to compose the individual web services into more complex one. It is a workflow model which is hybridization between Petri net, SHOP2, and fuzzy logic. Petri net allows user to specify his request as a workflow. SHOP2 is used as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) planning system to get a plan for the(More)
Since information of various sensitivity levels may be carried over a single network. Each sensitivity level needs a certain level of security. Technology that supports such models is often referred to as multi-level security (MLS). IPsec mechanism can easily support MLS (information flow security policy) networking. MLS networking requires the use of(More)
This paper derived a new formulation for Lyapunov stability analysis of Neural Generalized Predictive Controller (NGPC). Paper also applied simple technique to improve NGPC stability by using internal model of disturbance in feed forward. Finally, paper presents comparison study for the effect of using internal model principle with severe nonlinear process(More)
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