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OBJECTIVE To report our countrywide experience of laparoscopic cholecystectomy with particular reference to complications. DESIGN National multicentre retrospective study. SETTING 71 university departments and public hospitals in Hungary. SUBJECTS AND INTERVENTIONS 13,833 patients operated on between 1 January 1990 and 31 December 1993. Follow up by(More)
Between January 1991. and December 1993. in the 3rd Surgical Department of Semmelweis Medical University 735 laparoscopic cholecystectomies were performed. Intraoperative and postoperative complications occurred in 2.7% and 3% respectively. Conversion to open procedure was necessary in 8.4%, reintervention was indicated in 2.3%. The total occurrence of(More)
Preparation of portacaval anastomosis (PCA) in patients suffering from portal hypertension has been an accepted procedure for reducing portal pressure. Recently, fashioning of mesocaval anastomosis has got preference. In the era of portacaval anastomoses numerous experimental works were concerned with the technique of performing them. During these(More)
The effect of PCA on bile and lymph composition in rats was studied. It was established that secretion of bile acid decreased significantly and this resulted in reduced bile flow. In studying lymph flow and protein content, the most important observation was a decrease in the protein concentration of hepatic lymph. It can be supported that hepatic blood(More)
There is no disease that would have as many and variable complications as Crohn's disease. One of the most common complications is bowel obstruction which can be caused by the angulation of the bowel or by inflammation, or by formation of granulation tissue (32.3%). Very common is the formation of fistulae amongst the bowels involved and other abdominal(More)
110 urgent sonography were performed on 101 patients with suspected acute appendicitis and on subsequent 26 patients 33 echography with suspected postappendectomy abscess. Although according to a few publications in connection with acute appendicitis there are characteristic sonographic signs, the authors didn't find any typical structures at patients(More)
The effect of experimental liver transplantation on pH and the acid-base equilibrium by active and passive veno-venous bypass was examined. It is concluded that the use of active veno-venous bypass may considerably decrease but not completely prevent the development of metabolic acidosis by elimination of the phase.
Sixty-nine ultrasound-guided interventions (23 punctures and 46 drainages) were performed on 51 patients with the suspicion of intraabdominal abscess or another type of fluid collection in a prospective-controlled study. Of the procedures, 58.8% were carried out following surgery, while in 41.2% the indication were not related to prior surgical(More)
The authors describe the surgical training opportunities provided by the ODTS since 1986. These posts offer excellent postgraduate training. Hungarians may apply for ODTS posts after they have passed the Hungarian General Surgical examination, but preferably before the age of 35. The applications should be supported by Home Sponsors. The applicants must(More)
Measurement of the surface pH of the liver in the recirculation phase of liver transplantation is an indicator of tissue perfusion. In the recirculation phase there is a close correlation between arterial blood and the surface pH of the liver. The surface pH of the liver and EM study together can be of prognostic importance in establishing the viability of(More)