A. Yu. Maksimov

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To investigate the structure of Y chromosome haplogroups R-M207 and Q-M242 in human populations of North Asia, we have performed high-resolution genotyping using both single nucleotide polymorphisms and short tandem repeat (STR)-based approaches of 121 M207- and M242-derived samples from 885 males of 16 ethnic groups of Siberia and East Asia. As a result,(More)
Rhodococcus ruber strain gt1, possessing nitrile hydratase activity, was immobilized by adsorption on carbon supports differing in structure and porosity. The adsorption capacity of the supports towards cells, the substrate of the nitrile hydratase reaction (acrylonitrile), and the product (acrylamide) was studied. Also, the effect of immobilization on(More)
The transformation dynamics of 2- and 4-cyanopyridines by cells suspended and adsorbed on inorganic carriers has been studied in the Rhodococcus ruber gt1 possessing nitrile hydratase activity and the Pseudomonas fluorescens C2 containing nitrilase. It was shown that both nitrile hydratase and nitrilase activities of immobilized cells against(More)
Cells of the Pseudomonas fluorescens strain C2 containing nitrilase and Rhodococcus ruber strain gt1 with nitrile hydratase activity have been immobilized by the use of adsorption on fibrous carbon materials. It has been shown that the maximum adsorption value of Rhodococcus cells is higher than that in pseudomonades, reaching 21 mg of dry cells/1 g of the(More)
In this paper, we describe an algorithm for computing biorthogonal compactly supported dyadic wavelets related to the Walsh functions on the positive half-line R+. It is noted that a similar technique can be applied in very general situations, e.g., in the case of Cantor and Vilenkin groups. Using the feedback-based approach, some numerical experiments(More)
The existence of αβT-lymphocyte differentiation processes have been demonstrated in mouse peripheral lymphoid organs during pregnancy. Study of pregnant Swiss mice has shown that the development of the second half of gestation is accompanied by expression of RAG-1 recombinase mRNA and unrearranged TCR α-chain (pre-TCRα) preferentially in T-lymphocytes of(More)
The effect of flavonoids, natural plant metabolites, on the growth and viability of enterobacteria was studied using S. typhimurium and E. coli strains defective in some components of the DNA repair system. The minimal inhibitory concentrations of several flavonoids were measured. These agents were shown to have a weak bactericidal and a marked(More)
Monospecies and mixed bacterial biofilms of Rhodococcus ruber gt1, Pseudomonas fluorescens C2, Alcaligenes faecalis 2, and Rh. erythropolis 11-2 were obtained during growth in presence of the carriers. The transformation of aliphatic and aromatic nitriles by the biofilms of nitrile-hydrolyzing bacteria, as well as the growth dynamics of Rh. ruber gt1 and P.(More)
The nitrile hydratase isolated from Rhodococcus ruber strain gt1, displaying a high nitrile hydratase activity, was immobilized on unmodified aluminum oxides and carbon-containing adsorbents, including the carbon support Sibunit. The activity and operational stability of the immobilized nitrile hydratase were studied in the reaction of acrylonitrile(More)
Species diversity of bacteria from the activated sludge of Perm biological waste treatment facilities capable of transformation of cyanopyridines and amides of pyridinecarboxylic acids was investigated. Enrichment cultures in mineral media with 3-cyanopyridine as the sole carbon and nitrogen source were used to obtain 32 clones of gram-negative(More)