A. Yu. Khudyakova

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The effect of a typical polyaromatic hydrocarbon, naphthalene (Naph), on photosystem 2 (PS-2) photochemical activity in thylakoid membrane preparations and 20-day-old pea leaves was studied. Samples were incubated in water in the presence of Naph (0.078, 0.21, and 0.78 mM) for 0.5–24 h under white light illumination (15 μmol photons·m−2·s−1). The PS-2(More)
The effects of UV-B radiation (1 W m–2, 1 and 2 h) on PSII activity, chloroplast structure, and H2O2 contents in leaves of 26-d-old Arabidopsis thaliana phyA phyB double mutant (DMut) compared with the wild type (WT) were investigated. UV-B decreased PSII activity and affected the H2O2 content in WT and DMut plants grown under white light (WL). The(More)
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