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Advances in digital medical imaging technologies, particularly magnetic resonance imaging and multi-detector CT (Computed Tomography), have resulted in substantial increase in the size of datasets, as a result of improvement in spatial and temporal resolution. In order to reduce the storage cost, diagnostic analysis cost and transmission time without(More)
Level set methods are a powerful numerical technique for image segmentation, analysis and extracting boundary curves. This method requires the definition of a speed function that controls curve evolution. The image intensity gradient and the curvature are utilized together to determine the speed and direction of the propagation. Although level set methods(More)
Peripheral artery disease is a chronic disease that manifests in insufficient blood supply to the legs due to narrowing of the arteries. Fully automated detection, segmentation and measurement of stenosis of peripheral vessels from CTA datasets would be highly desirable but has yet to be realized. A key component of this procedure is the development of an(More)
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