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Marine organisms have attracted special attention in the last three decades for their ability to produce interesting pharmacological active compounds. Even though all marine organisms have the potential to produce antimicrobial secondary metabolites, the gastropod has the vital sources of secondary metabolites particularly their egg capsule which has the(More)
In vitro studies in marine diatom Coscinodiscus gigas revealed that artificial UV-B radiation (313 nm) at a dose level of 0.4W m(-2) for a continuous period of 3 hours in a UV treatment chamber caused disbursement of chromatophores from their normal loci and resulted in clumping / aggregation of chromatophores exhibiting a phenomenon called UV-B induced(More)
AIM Dasyatis jenkinsii is used traditionally to treat inflammatory complaints and arthritis by the fisherman community and local population. The present study was designed to scientifically investigate the traditional practice through the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and organ toxicity studies and characterization of bioactive compounds of crude extracts(More)
A The methanol extract of marine mole crab, Emerita asiatica was tested for its pharmacological property using mouse assay. The vital organs viz.heart and lungs showed oedema and degeneration of cardiac muscles, markedly congested blood vessels and haemorrhagic exudates involving entire alveolar parenchyma in the lungs. The extract is seemed to influence(More)
Free amino acid plays an important role in physiological functions. The ghost crab, Ocypode platytarsis caught off the Puducherry sandy beaches, south east coast of India were investigated for the pattern of distribution of free amino acids. The hemolymph and muscle were sampled from male and female crabs and then subjected to free amino acid analysis(More)
Objective: Background reliable information about the prevalence of dyslipidemia in hypertensive and non hypertensive diabetic patients in local region is essential to the development of regional health policies for prevention and control of this condition. An attempt was made in Puducherry region to examine the lipid profile parameters in the diabetic(More)
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