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Labor was electively induced at term in 117 clinically normal nulliparae and parous women by combining low amniotomy with intravenous administration of prostaglandin F2 alpha (n = 64) or prostaglandin E2 (n = 53). Analgesia was obtained by continuous lumbar epidural block with bupivacaine. The procedure was very effective in producing vaginal delivery(More)
The data of this follow-up study fail to prove that elective induction of labor at term by amniotomy and intravenously or orally administered PGF2alpha or PGE2 has an untoward effect on reproductive performance. If, however, the procedure is complicated by a serious degree of sustained uterine hyperstimulation, permanent damage to the internal cervical os(More)
The placental transfer of thiamphenicol was studied in 29 subjects at term after intravenous bolus injection of 500 mg of the drug. Detectable plasma levels were present in umbilical blood and amniotic fluid as early as 5 and 18 minutes, respectively, after maternal administration. With the dosage applied, minimum concentrations required for the inhibition(More)
2 prostaglandin (PG) compounds, PGF2 alpha and PGE2, were used to induce abortion in 24 women. 6 women with hydatidiform moles underwent i.v. or extra-ovular PG treatment, with an average induction-abortion interval (i.a.i.) of 8.5 hours. 3 women, 21-30 weeks pregnant, underwent abortion because of fetal anencephaly. They were given 1-3 doses of PGs(More)
Epidural analgesia (bupivacaine) was administered during labor after amniotomy, in some cases supplemented by intravenous oxytocin. A higher incidence of transient uterine hypertonus was seen after blocking. Fetal heart rate changes mainly took the form of bradycardia (in association with uterine hypertonus). At birth, the maternal biochemical condition was(More)
A double-blind placebo-controlled multicentre study with ritodrine, a beta-mimetic uterine relaxant, has been performed in 91 patients in premature labour. All patients were treated according to a fixed dosage scheme consisting of an intravenous infusion followed by oral tablets for a total of seven days. Ritodrine arrested premature labour in 80%, the(More)
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