A. Yesim Yayla

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The study was planned to determine the efficacy and safety of adding rosiglitazone to a combination of glimepiride and metformin therapy with insufficiently controlled type 2 diabetes. This was an open-label study with a follow-up period of 26 weeks. Thirty patients were taking 3 mg glimepiride two times and 850 mg metformin two times per day. Patients were(More)
Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a popular planning method often used to transform customer demands/requirements into the technical characteristics of a new or improved product or service. In order to better capture (and represent) the multifarious relationships between customer requirements and technical characteristics, and the relative weights among(More)
In today's world where intensive competition exists between enterprises, it is of great importance to work in cooperation with the right suppliers. Selection of the right suppliers is a significant factor in the success of enterprises. In the selection of the best supplier (s), the strengths and weaknesses of potential suppliers should be taken into(More)
In this study, an ERP implementation project risks analysis problem in a Turkish automotive supplier firm is handled. To determine the risk criteria we benefited from the literature, experts and ERP software users. The handled problem is solved by using fuzzy-AHP methodology. Then a sensitivity analysis is performed to evaluate our risk analysis methodology(More)
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