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A partial-wave analysis of 9082 ηππn events produced in the reaction πp → ηππn at 18.3 GeV/c has been carried out using data from experiment 852 at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The data are dominated by J = 0 partial waves consistent with observation of the η(1295) and the η(1440). The mass and width of the η(1295) were determined to be 1282± 5 MeV and(More)
It is well established that estrogen-like environmental chemicals interact with the ligand-binding site of estrogen receptors (ERs) to disrupt transcriptional control of estrogen responsive targets. Here we investigate the possibility that estrogens also impact splicing decisions on estrogen responsive genes, such as that encoding ERα itself. Targeted PCR(More)
An amplitude analysis of an exclusive sample of 5765 events from the reaction pi- p-->eta'pi- p at 18 GeV/c is described. The eta'pi- production is dominated by natural parity exchange and by three partial waves: those with J(PC) = 1(-+), 2(++), and 4(++). A mass-dependent analysis of the partial-wave amplitudes indicates the production of the a2(1320)(More)
Details of the analysis of the ηπ system studied in the reaction πp → ηπp at 18 GeV/c are given. Separate analyses for the 2γ and π+π−π0 decay modes of the η are presented. An amplitude analysis of the data indicates the presence of interference between the a−2 (1320) and a J PC = 1−+ wave between 1.2 and 1.6 GeV/c2. The phase difference between these waves(More)
A partial-wave analysis of the mesons from the reaction pi(-)p --> pi(+)pi(-)pi(-)pi(0)pi(0)p has been performed. The data show b(1)pi decay of the spin-exotic states pi(1)(1600) and pi(1)(2000). Three isovector 2(-+) states were seen in the omegarho(-) decay channel. In addition to the well known pi(2)(1670), signals were also observed for pi(2)(1880) and(More)
The designing of a continuous wave radar (CW) intended for remote counting of traffic (remote traffic counter) and speed measurement of vehicles using speed trajectories in the radar beam for long-range transferring of these data is considered. It was experimentally shown that, for recording the current number of vehicles and measuring the speed of each of(More)
This article proposes special digital filtering structures formed by one multiplier, one adder and a delay line. Such structures can be used to synthesize finite impulse response Hilbert filter. The advantage of such approach is reduced number of multipliers, compared to standard implementation. The quotients of structures can be calculated by local(More)
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