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The determination of thyroidal iodine content by X-ray fluorescence analysis is based on the phenomenon that the gamma radiation of Americium-241 excites stable iodine atoms to emit a characteristic fluorescence radiation which is proportional to the amount of iodine present in the gland. To study this, a stationary system has been developed which consists(More)
The object of the present study is to determine the most suitable method for control design for thermoelectric cooler headgear developed for brain hypothermia applications. Hypothermia refers to a medical treatment method protecting the brain in which the temperature of the brain drops below the level required for reducing oxygen consumption of tissues. The(More)
  • 2009
In this study, free vibration analysis of rotating adhesively bonded specially orthotropic plates is investigated. A first-order shear-deformation plate theory including geometric nonlinearities in the form of the von Karman strains and the effects ofrotatory inertia and Coriolis is used to predict the free vibration frequencies and mode shapes of the(More)
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