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1 Introduction • Cloud computing is known as services delivery such as shared resources, platforms, software and data, in the interest of end-users. They are located in distributed datacenters over a network such as the Internet. • One of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) benefits for the society are Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), which(More)
The paper describes the testbed to determine the effectiveness of an approach to build network storage using Software-Defined networks (SDN) OpenFlow. It is assumed that main protocol to SAN is iSCSI over local area network. Prototyping tools for managing network resources and data flows on the basis of SDN and testing environments based on Free and Open(More)
The volume of the coming data in HEP is growing. The volume of the data to be held for a long time is growing as well. Actually large volume of data – big data – is distributed around the planet. In other words now there is a situation where it is necessary to integrate storage resources from many data centers located far from each other. That means that(More)
The transfer of large volume data over computer network is important and unavoidable operation in the past, now and in any feasible future. There are a number of methods/tools to transfer the data over computer global network (Internet). In this paper the transfer of data over Internet is discussed. Several free of charge utilities to transfer the data are(More)
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