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Multicentre evaluation of the precision of semi-automatic 2D/3D measurements in comparison to manual, linear measurements of lymph nodes regarding their inter-observer variability in multi-slice CT (MSCT) of patients with lymphoma. MSCT data of 63 patients were interpreted before and after chemotherapy by one/tworadiologists in five university hospitals. In(More)
This presentation provides an introduction to the technique called ‘Eye Tracking’ which Statistics Denmark has recently used to test the usability of its website user interface. Eye tracking is a tool used to analyse “human computer” interaction. The user’s eye movements and fixation time are both registered when this technique is used. However, whether the(More)
Introduction Imbalance in cellular energetics has been suggested to be an important mechanism for organ failure in sepsis and septic shock. We hypothesized that such energy imbalance would either be caused by metabolic changes leading to decreased energy production or by increased energy consumption. Thus, we set out to investigate if mitochondrial(More)
Multicentric analysis of different measuring techniques in CT scans of oncological patients: semi-automatic measurements are associated with a lower inter-observer variability than manual assessments A. J. Höink, J. Weßling, R. Koch, C. Schülke, N. Kohlhase, L. H. Wassenaar, R. M. Mesters, M. D’Anastasi, M. Fabel, A. Wulff, D. Pinto dos Santos, A. Kießling,(More)
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