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of the European Parliament (Berthold Rittberger) and the new Citizens Direct Legislative Initiative (Carlos Closa Montero) as well as the overall impact of the Lisbon Treaty on Europarties (Luciano Bardi). Changes in executive-legislative relations deriving from the newly created leadership roles were discussed in a broad sense (Amie Kreppel) and with a(More)
This paper analyses the adoption of EU conditions regarding non-discrimination and minority protection in three applicant countries: Romania, Hungary and Poland. While non-discrimination is a well established EU norm, minority rights are a contested norm and not enshrined in the acquis communautaire. It is argued that contestation over norm meaning(More)
—This paper discusses the successful implementation of a reference voltage circuit tailored to the needs the IAD GmbH DLC_2 family chip, which commonly encounter the demand for two high precision and high stability outputs; positive reference voltage vrefp and negative reference voltage vrefn, which define the dynamic range of the input signal of a(More)
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