A Weisswange

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The freeze-fracturing technique was applied to fresh human islets of Langerhans. With this technique, the inside of cellular membranes was revealed, and specific membrane differentiations, hitherto unknown, were observed in the plasma membrane of the endocrine cells. The specific membrane differentiations represent two types of intercellular junctions,(More)
A change in the voltage and character of the His bundle deflection following premature atrial stimuli was observed and analysed in 5 of 95 patients having intracardiac conduction studies because of AV conduction disturbances. Of these 5 patients, 3 had spontaneous block within the His bundle, 2 of them showing block in other segments of the conduction(More)
Electrophysiological studies with prenalterol in 19 patients (6 women, 13 men, 5 with sinus node disease, 4 with AV node disease, 7 with double node disease, 2 with conduction disturbance below His bundle, 1 normal) showed that sinus node function (heart rate, sinus node recovery time) is uniformly improved by this beta-stimulator. Also AV conduction is(More)