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Pupillary responses have proven to be reliable physiological correlates of cognitive effort in a variety of tasks, including language processing. To investigate the relation between psychological and syntactic complexity 20 syntactically ambiguous sentences, balanced for bias, were presented to 16 subjects, while their pupil size was continuously measured.(More)
The classification methods applied in the objectoriented image analysis approach are often based on the use of domain knowledge. A key issue in this approach is the acquisition of this knowledge which is generally implicit and not formalized. In this paper, we examine the possibilities of using genetic programming for the automatic extraction of(More)
  • Jacques - Turcotte, Reichetzer, Elhaffaf, A Weber
  • 2017
There have been a few reported cases of hemoperitoneum following rupture of uterine vessels or rupture of broad ligament in pregnant women [1]. The classic presentation is acute abdominal pain with peritonitism, often accompanied by maternal shock and fetal distress. The high probability of maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality warrants urgent surgical(More)
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