A. Wang

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OBJECTIVE To explore how European hospitals have implemented patient safety strategies (PSS) and evidence-based organization of care pathway (EBOP) recommendations and examine the extent to which implementation varies between countries and hospitals. DESIGN Mixed-method multilevel cross-sectional design in seven countries as part of the European(More)
UNLABELLED The FREEDOM study and its Extension provide long-term information about the effects of denosumab for the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis. Treatment for up to 8 years was associated with persistent reduction of bone turnover, continued increases in bone mineral density, low fracture incidence, and a favorable benefit/risk profile. (More)
Squalene synthase (SQS) is an important enzyme in the steroid biosynthetic pathways which condenses two molecules of farnesyl pyrophosphate into a squalene. In this study, the gene encoding SQS was isolated from Schizochytrium limacinum and characterized. The full-length cDNA of S. limacinum SQS gene (SlSQS) is 1605 bp in length, it contains a 1293 bp ORF(More)
In 2009, we launched Deepening our Understanding of Quality Improvement in Europe (DUQuE), an ambitious study on the effectiveness of quality improvement systems of hospitals in eight European countries. We believe this to be the most comprehensive and detailed study of quality improvement systems to date in terms of the a priori development of a coherent(More)