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Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) consists of mobile nodes which is connected without any centralized administration. The main popularity of MANET is to ensure that lack of infrastructure, self organization and no access point. Mobile nodes are sharing their data whenever and wherever it's needed. To maintain the effective data sharing, the data(More)
This paper presents eight class rotated objects recognition by employment of supervised feedforward neural network (FFNN). The process consists of two parts. First, segmentation of the binary edge object from the colored image is carried out. The binary edge image is rotated at the center of the image from 0 degree to 360 degree by every 5 degree rotation.(More)
  • Corresponding Author, P Mukilan, P Mukilan, A Wahi
  • 2015
The Detection and Tracking of human objects is one among the significant tasks encountered in Computer Vision. Yet, numerous problems associated with it are developing even at present. Various monitoring systems involved in the automatic detection of human objects in motion is found to have difficulty in spotting the difference in brightness, while the(More)
The cardiac diseases have been increasing a lot in recent years. As the heart is the important part of a human body, the functioning of the heart is very important to be in regular. The functioning of the heart is called as cardiac cycle. The cardiac cycle is the combination of two phases of the heart i.e. the actions that happen in between the pumping of(More)
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