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Three measurements of head at unique locations form a three-point estimator of the local magnitude and orientation of the hydraulic gradient. The relative head measurement error (RHME) is defined here as the measurement error normalized by the head drop across the three-point estimator. Monte Carlo simulation results show that estimators with base to height(More)
A mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is a self-organizing, rapidly deployable network which consists of wireless nodes without infrastructure. All nodes in a MANET are capable of moving actively and can be connected dynamically. It is used in various applications like video conferencing, rescue operations, military applications, Disaster Management etc. So the(More)
This thesis has been submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for an advanced degree at The University of Arizona and is deposited in the University Library to be made available to borrowers under rules of the Library. Brief quotations from this thesis are allowable without special permission, provided that accurate acknowledgement of source is(More)
Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) consists of mobile nodes which is connected without any centralized administration. The main popularity of MANET is to ensure that lack of infrastructure, self organization and no access point. Mobile nodes are sharing their data whenever and wherever it's needed. To maintain the effective data sharing, the data(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM To study the effect of L-arginine on apoptosis and necrosis induced by 1-h ischemia followed by 3-h reperfusion. MATERIALS AND METHODS Adult Wistar rats underwent 60 min of partial liver ischemia followed by 3-h reperfusion. Eighteen Wistar rats were divided into sham-operated control group (I) (n = 6), ischemia and reperfusion (I/R) group(More)
  • Corresponding Author, P Mukilan, P Mukilan, A Wahi
  • 2015
The Detection and Tracking of human objects is one among the significant tasks encountered in Computer Vision. Yet, numerous problems associated with it are developing even at present. Various monitoring systems involved in the automatic detection of human objects in motion is found to have difficulty in spotting the difference in brightness, while the(More)
The fatty acid composition of lymphocytes, and other immune cells, is altered according to the fatty acid composition of the diet and this alters the capacity of those cells to produce eicosanoids, such as prostaglandin E 2 , which are involved in immune-regulation. A high fat diet can impair lymphocyte function. Cell culture and animal feeding studies(More)
Ailanthus altissima Swingle (Simaroubaceae) is commonly known as " Tree of heaven ". The methanolic extract of root bark of A. altissima (MEA) was taken for anti-diarrhoeal activity. Investigations were carried out on castor oil induced diarrhoea and small intestine transit method on mice. In former method, MEA 200 (mg/Kg) were reducing the total weight of(More)
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