A. W. Varnes

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Using inductively coupled argon plasma emission spectroscopy, we measured 19 trace elements in cerebrospinal fluid of 265 patients who were undergoing diagnostic lumbar puncture. Thirty-three patients had Alzheimer-type dementia (ATD); 16 patients had other dementing illnesses; and 20 had no neurologic disease. There were seven cases of autopsy-proven(More)
We analyzed multiple trace elements in tap water, dialysis fluids, and CSF of patients on dialysis and with chronic renal insufficiency. Before placement of a deionizer in the dialysis unit, we found elevated levels of aluminum, barium, copper, silicon, and zinc in tap water and dialysis fluids. These were corrected by the deionizer. CSF silicon content was(More)
We are presenting evidence of subclinical extrapyramidal hemosiderosis in chronic cystic fibrosis (CF) by histological staining and quantitative analysis. Comparison was made between age-matched control (eight cases) and CF brains (14 cases). None of the CF patients had extrapyramidal or other focal CNS symptoms but showed an increased iron pigment, and(More)
We designed a prospective study to determine whether CSF silicon elevation is specific for Alzheimer-type dementia (ATD) and whether it is related to the severity of cognitive or functional impairment. We found elevated CSF silicon in 30% of 23 ATD patients but in only 1 of the 23 age-matched nondemented controls. In all ATD patients with elevated CSF(More)
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