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BACKGROUND In the last years, multiphoton laser tomography (MLT) has emerged as a promising tool for non-invasive diagnostics in dermatology and other medical specialties. The present work is dedicated to the question to what degree the measurement depth and the thickness of the epidermis influence the evaluation of dermal matrix composition and if(More)
Although syndromic management of sexually transmitted diseases in highly endemic areas provides a short-term benefit to the individuals treated, it has no impact on decreasing prevalence rates. The numerous factors that contribute to this are discussed. Rapid reinfection from a large pool of infected symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals as well as the(More)
BACKGROUND Although genital herpes has emerged as the most common cause of genital ulcers in Southern Africa, treatment for herpes is not available routinely in the region. This study was performed to determine the etiology of genital ulcers in men in Durban and assess other sexually transmitted infections-related symptoms, presentation, and treatment(More)
15 out of 21 patients admitted to a pulmonary rehabilitation centre were infected with a non-encapsulated strain of Haemophilus influenzae. All isolates showed identical outer membrane protein patterns, harboured a 40 MD plasmid, produced beta-lactamase, and were resistant to amoxycillin, co-trimoxazole, chloramphenicol, and tetracycline. The strain was(More)
During a 6-month period 84 MCR were isolated from urogenital tract specimens and one from a breast abscess (Sturm and Sikkenk, 1984). These strains together with two Mobiluncus strains from M. Sprott, Newcastle upon Tyne, and two non-gonococcal urethritis-associated anaerobes (NGUAA), from D. Taylor-Robinson, Harrow, were identified, using methods described(More)
were judged as positive and 188 as negative. The results for each test were then examined by making a matrix for each one. The percentages c6rrect for each test were as follows: FTA-Abs, 97.74% correct; TPHA, 97.25 ~ correct; Reiter-CFT, 92.75 ~ correct; VDRL, 84.5 ~ correct; WR (Kolmer), 81.5 ~ correct. False-positive or false-negative results were seldom(More)
Die Darstellung und Messung der inneren Retinaschichten mit den aktuellen OCT-Geräten erlaubt eine sehr präzise topografische Lokalisation von makulären Glaukomschäden. Vor allem mit der Ganglienzellanalyse lassen sich auch dezente zentrale Veränderungen erfassen und gut mit Perimetriebefunden entsprechend feiner Prüfpunktraster korrelieren. Dadurch lassen(More)
Gnarpe and Friberg (1973) (Nature 242:120-121), reported on the association of T-mycoplasmas and infertility. This finding was not confirmed in other studies (The Lancet, 1973, I: 1073-1075). We isolated U. urealyticum from cervical mucus of infertile women and semen of infertile men and compared the isolation rates in specimens from women in early(More)