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We have no quarrel with the people of Yugoslavia.. .. Our actions are directed against the repressive policy of the Yugoslav leadership. The language of Realpolitik focuses on the pronoun them, referring to a nation and its people as a whole, single entity. Yet contemporary declarations of foreign policy increasingly rely on the pronoun him or her. U.S.(More)
Global component behaviours as distinguished in Paradigm, offer the ingredients for specifying inter-component coordination in separation from and consistent with detailed component behaviour. The paper discusses how global behaviours provide great flexibility in arranging computation as well as coordination. In the context of a mediating example we plea(More)
tury, the world's most powerful nuclear-armed countries have been locked in a military stalemate known as mutual assured destruction (MAD). By the early 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union possessed such large, well-dispersed nuclear arsenals that neither state could entirely destroy the other's nuclear forces in a ªrst strike. Whether the(More)
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