A. W. Peterson

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We present a methodology for the active control of time-harmonic wave fields, e.g., acoustic disturbances, in composite regions. This methodology extends our previous approach developed for the case of arcwise connected regions. The overall objective is to eliminate the effect of all outside field sources on a given domain of interest, i.e., to shield this(More)
We investigate how probe density influences hybridization for unlabeled target oligonucleotides that contain mismatched sequences or targets that access different binding locations on the immobilized probe. We find strong probe density effects influencing not only the efficiency of hybridization but also the kinetics of capture. Probe surfaces are used(More)
Spatially resolved details of the interactions of cells with a fibronectin modified surface were examined using surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRI). SPRI is a label-free technique that is based on the spatial measurement of interfacial refractive index. SPRI is sensitive to short range interactions between cells and their substratum. The high contrast(More)
HBR1 (hemoglobin response gene 1) is an essential gene in Candida albicans that positively regulates mating type locus MTLα gene expression and thereby regulates cell type-specific developmental genes. Hbr1p contains a phosphate-binding loop (P-loop), a highly conserved motif characteristic of ATP- and GTP-binding proteins. Recombinant Hbr1p was isolated in(More)
A critical challenge in cell biology is quantifying the interactions of cells with their extracellular matrix (ECM) environment and the active remodeling by cells of their ECM. Fluorescence microscopy is a commonly employed technique for examining cell-matrix interactions. A label-free imaging method would provide an alternative that would eliminate the(More)
The extracellular matrix (ECM) consists of a complex mixture of biochemical and physical stimuli that together regulate cell behavior. In this study, we engineer a model ECM consisting of fibrillar Type-1 collagen plus fibronectin that allows systematic examination of the effects of matrix composition and mechanics on cells. On this combined protein matrix,(More)
Glycoanalysis is important in the manufacture and quality control of protein therapeutics. An emerging method for glycoanalysis is the use of lectin arrays. Critical to the performance of these arrays is the immobilization of lectin molecules. Polydopamine has recently been shown to adsorb to a wide variety of surfaces. In this study, polydopamine (pDA) was(More)
Surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRI) is a label-free technique that can image refractive index changes at an interface. We have previously used SPRI to study the dynamics of cell-substratum interactions. However, characterization of spatial resolution in 3 dimensions is necessary to quantitatively interpret SPR images. Spatial resolution is complicated(More)
Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) imaging allows real-time label-free imaging based on index of refraction and changes in index of refraction at an interface. Optical parameter analysis is achieved by application of the Fresnel model to SPR data typically taken by an instrument in a prism based figuration. We carry out SPR imaging on a microscope by launching(More)
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