A. W. McLaren

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The multidrug resistant protein MDR-1 has been associated with the resistance to a wide range of anti-cancer drugs. Taxol is a substrate for this transporter system and is used in the treatment of a wide range of human malignancies including lung, breast and ovarian cancer. We have generated a series of ovarian cell lines resistant to this compound, all of(More)
X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD) is an inherited disorder characterized by axonopathy and demyelination in the central nervous system and adrenal insufficiency. Main X-ALD phenotypes are: (i) an adult adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN) with axonopathy in spinal cords, (ii) cerebral AMN with brain demyelination (cAMN) and (iii) a childhood variant, cALD,(More)
Genomic technologies have the potential to greatly increase the efficiency of the drug development process. As part of our tuberculosis drug discovery program, we used DNA microarray technology to profile drug-induced effects in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Expression profiles of M. tuberculosis treated with compounds that inhibit key metabolic pathways are(More)
We have isolated from a single human liver cDNA library two clones which are highly homologous (78% over the coding region) to the major phenobarbital-inducible P450 from rat (P450IIB1). This is the first direct demonstration of the presence of the P450IIB gene subfamily in humans. This subfamily is much less extensive than the rodent homologues, but does(More)
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