A.W. Krieger

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A 1-phase current controller is proposed, which combines both fixed frequency operation and variable bandwidth hysteresis, and which is further augmented with a generalized integrating resonator to eliminate the current steady state error, while simultaneously rejecting the 60 Hz power source disturbance. The variable hysteresis operation is accomplished(More)
A novel method of synchronization is proposed for the estimation of the phase of the fundamental component of harmonically distorted power line voltage. Common phase synchronization techniques involve a multiplication of the line voltage signal with an estimate of the fundamental line voltage component, to measure the discrepancy between the line phase and(More)
Many utility powered applications require synchronization with the line voltage for the operation of the controller. Such synchronization is typically accomplished using some phase-locked loop (PLL) mechanism, which serves to estimate the real time phase angle of the line voltage. This phase estimate then serves to determine signal timing for power control(More)
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