A. Volgenant

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We develop a shortest augmenting path algorithm for the linear assignment problem. It contains new initialization routines and a special implementation of Dijkstra's shortest path method. For both dense and sparse problems computational experiments show this algorithm to be uniformly faster than the best algorithms from the literature. A Pascal(More)
We describe a branch and bound algorithm to solve the degree-constrained minimum spanning tree problem. WC propose an edge exchange analysis frequently used in the algorithm and three types of heuristic methods. Computational results are reported for problems with up to 200 vertices. These results are much better than known results from the literature.
The generalized spanning tree or group Steiner problem (GSP) is a generalization of the Steiner problem in graphs (SPG): one requires a tree spanning (at least) one vertex of each subset, given in a family of vertex subsets, while minimizing the sum of the corresponding edge costs. Specialized solution procedures have been developed for this problem. In(More)