A. Vogelaar

Y. Tikunov1
H. de Rooij1
E. W. Gutteling1
P. M. Eggink1
G. Freymark1
1Y. Tikunov
1H. de Rooij
1E. W. Gutteling
1P. M. Eggink
1G. Freymark
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Biochemical characterization in combination with genetic analyses in BC 2 S 1 plants and near-isogenic lines led to the detection and validation of C. baccatum loci affecting flavor, terpenoid content and Brix level. The species Capsicum baccatum includes the most common hot peppers of the Andean cuisine, known for their rich variation in flavors and(More)
Using a previously described vector (pKL203) we fused several heterologous ribosomal binding sites (RBSs) to the lacZ gene of E. coli and then studied the variation in expression of the fusions. The RBSs originated from bacteriophage Q beta and MS2 genes and the E. coli genes for elongation factor EF-Tu A and B and ribosomal protein L11 (rplK). The(More)
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