A. Vizán Idoipe

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Keywords: Knowledge model KBE development Fixture design Fixture KBE application The development of a knowledge model applied to fixture design is a complex task. The main purpose of such model is the development of a knowledge-based application to assist fixture designers. It comprises a detailed specification of the types and structures of data involved(More)
The metabolism and kinetics of renal elimination of N-(2-picolyl)-, N-(3-picolyl)- and N-(4-picolyl)-3,5-dimethylbenzamides were studied. These products have a depressive activity on the central nervous system, as well as an anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic activity. The elimination of the products N-(3-picolyl)- and N-(4-picolyl)-3,5-dimethylbenzamides(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the quality improvement of chemotherapy prescriptions for patients included in clinical trials (CT) analyzing whether the prescription is specified for patient participation, after having identified the major risks factors and the appropriate corrective measures are applied. METHODS Retrospective study of omissions collected during(More)
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