A. Vissink H. J. A. Meijer

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BACKGROUND The association between depression after myocardial infarction and increased risk of mortality and cardiac morbidity may be due to cardiac disease severity. AIMS To combine original data from studies on the association between post-infarction depression and prognosis into one database, and to investigate to what extent such depression predicts(More)
The reported rate of detection of Chlamydia pneumoniae DNA within atherosclerotic lesions by PCR varies between 0 and 100%. In this study, identical sets of coded experimental atheroma samples (n = 15) and spiked controls (n = 5) were analyzed by 16 test methods in nine centers by means of PCR. The positive controls were correctly identified to levels of 1,(More)
OBJECTIVE In our institution, follow-up diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) after cholesteatoma surgery is performed at least twice. The aim of this study was to determine the yield of the second follow-up DWI (D-W MRI-2) in patients in whom the first postoperative DWI (D-W MRI-1) was negative for residual or recurrent cholesteatoma. STUDY DESIGN A(More)
Methods: In a prospective study 37 cases with clinically suspected primary acquired ME cholesteatoma underwent DW PROPELLER MRI scannings prior to surgery. One neuroradiologist with expertise in Head &Neck Imaging evaluated the images without knowing the surgical findings. The surgical findings were compared with the radiology findings, and outcome measures(More)
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