A. Vinaya Babu

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In recent years, an increasing amount of computer network research has focused on the problem of cluster system in order to achieve higher performance and lower cost. Memory management becomes a prerequisite when handling applications that require immense volume of data for e.g. satellite images used for remote sensing, defense purposes and scientific(More)
Biometrics is the science and technology of measuring and analyzing biological data of human body, extracting a feature set from the acquired data, and comparing this set against to the template set in the database. The increasing demand of enhanced security systems has led to an unprecedented interest in biometric based person authentication system.(More)
The objective of this paper is to conduct a controlled experiment with the three requirements prioritization techniques: Numerical Assignment (NA), Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Extensive Numerical Assignment (ENA), each based on ordinal, ratio and interval scales respectively. NA and AHP are widely used traditional requirements prioritization(More)
Clustering techniques are widely used in “Web Usage Mining” to capture similar interests and trends among users accessing a Web site. For this purpose, web access logs generated at a particular web site are preprocessed to discover the user navigational sessions. Clustering techniques are then applied to group the user session data into user session(More)
The explosive growth in the information available on the Web has necessitated the need for developing Web personalization systems that understand user preferences to dynamically serve customized content to individual users. Web server access logs contain substantial data about the accesses of users to a Web site. Hence, if properly exploited, the log data(More)
The main objective of data mining is to extract previously unknown patterns from large collection of data. With the rapid growth in hardware, software and networking technology there is outstanding growth in the amount data collection. Organizations collect huge volumes of data from heterogeneous databases which also contain sensitive and private(More)
The World Wide Web continues to grow at an amazing rate in both the size and complexity of Web sites and is well on it’s way to being the main reservoir of information and data. Due to this increase in growth and complexity of WWW, web site publishers are facing increasing difficulty in attracting and retaining users. To design popular and attractive(More)
In this paper we present new method for exact string matching algorithm based on layered architecture and two-dimensional array. This has applications such as string databases and computational biology. The main use of this method is to reduce the time spent on comparisons of string matching by distributing the data among processors which achieves a linear(More)