A. Villegas

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This paper presents a new Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tool to compute the optimal solar-panel positioning maps on large high-resolution Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). In particular, this software finds out (1) the maximum solar energy input that can be captured on a surface located at a specific height on each point of the DEM, and then (2) the(More)
The synthesis and structural determination of two new diterpenylhydroquinones: 2beta-acetoxy-15-phenyl-(22,25-dihydroxy)-ent-labda-8(17),13(E)-diene(1) and 2beta-hydroxy-15-phenyl-(22,25-dihydroxy)-ent-labda-8(17),13(E)-dieneis reported (2). These compounds were obtained by coupling via Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution (EAS) of 1,4-hydroquinone with(More)
Catechols were synthesized from safrole. Nine derivatives were prepared and assessed for antiproliferative effects using different human cell lines. The in vitro growth inhibition assay was based on the sulphorhodamine dye to quantify cell viability. The derivatives 4-allylbenzene-1,2-diol (3), 4 4-[3-(acetyloxy)propyl]-1,2-phenylene diacetate (6) and(More)
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