A. Vijaya Kumari

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UNLABELLED AIM The purpose of this investigation is to evaluate the physicochemical properties of saliva, such as salivary flow rate, volume, pH and buffer capacity and the levels of salivary sodium, potassium, calcium and phosphate ions in caries-free and caries-active children. MATERIALS AND METHODS The present study included 100 healthy children aged(More)
An attempt was made to find a suitable alternative material for tissue carriers other than gauze and stainless steel capsules. Since polyethylene (high density) wire mesh is resistant to all acids, alkalis and inorganic chemicals and has no known solvent at room temperature, it is a suitable alternative disposable material for histopathological tissue(More)
The HIV pandemic has wreaked enormous financial, political and health related havoc. 2.1 million Indians account for people living with HIV. Mucocutaneous manifestations occur in almost all individuals with HIV infection. Their incidence increases with decreasing immunity which can be indicated by falling CD4 counts. Getting familiar with mucocutaneous(More)
Background: This case report describes about the female patient who came with cough, breathlessness and neck pain after one month following coronary artery bypass grafting to the cardiology department. Chest radiograph was taken and diagnosed it as pleural effusion with atelectasis of left lower lobe. Later therapeutic thoracentesis was done to aspirate the(More)
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