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Between January 1988 and December 1989 Aeromonas species were isolated from 45 (1.8%) of 2,480 patients with acute gastroenteritis. No other bacterial enteric pathogens were found in any of these 45 patients. Of the 45 Aeromonas isolates, 35 strains (77.8%) were Aeromonas hydrophila, 7 (15.5%) were Aeromonas sobria, and 3 (6.7%) were Aeromonas caviae. Most(More)
Small mammal dispersal is strongly affected by geographical barriers. However, commensal small mammals may be passively transported over large distances and strong barriers by humans (often with agricultural products). This pattern should be especially apparent in topographically complex landscapes, such as mountain ranges, where valleys and/or peaks can(More)
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