A. Vanoverschelde

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Noise modeling in TEGFET's which provides good results in agreement with the experimental findings is presented. The influence of the main technological parameters on the noise figure and associated gain is given for operating frequencies up to 60 GHz. A comparison between TEGFET's and MESFET's is carried out. A new method for calculating the noise and gain(More)
Low temperature behaviour of HEMTs is studied under static and microwave conditions. The influence of trapping effects are analysed by means of a specified measurement procedure of the gate capacitance and drain-source resistance, On an appropriate structure that allOws to avoid parasitic phenomena such as collapse, it was found that microwave(More)
The capabilities of Baritt diodes in the millimeter wave range and the effects of the electron velocity versus field dependence in GaAs and InP are investigated. The influences of doping profile and material parameters are analysed by means of an exact large signal simulation. At millimeter frequencies, the Si Baritt r.f. power remains limited due to the(More)
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