A Van der Goten

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In 18 patients the perfusion of a malignant head and neck tumour was estimated using contrast enhanced dynamic computed tomography. The mean estimated perfusion was 75.5 ml/100 g/min, varying between 27.9 and 131.9. Eleven patients were treated with radiation therapy; the obtained perfusion rates were significantly different between tumours with a(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the intra- and interobserver variability, as well as the intra- and interpatient variability of CT-determined tumour perfusion in head and neck tumours, and to evaluate the preliminary value of this parameter as predictive factor of local failure after treatment by definitive radiotherapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS In 41 patients the(More)
The maxillofacial skeleton is vulnerable to injury. Radiological evaluation of facial injury can be difficult due to the complex anatomy and the difficulties in obtaining high-quality imaging studies in the severely traumatised patient. Adequate imaging is nevertheless necessary to obtain satisfactory clinical results. This paper gives a review of common(More)
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