A. Vallmitjana

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AIMS Ageing-related cardiac disorders such as heart failure and atrial fibrillation often present with intracellular calcium homeostasis dysfunction. However, knowledge of the intrinsic effects of ageing on cellular calcium handling in the human heart is sparse. Therefore, this study aimed to analyse how ageing affects key mechanisms that regulate(More)
We present an automatic method to characterize calcium activity in a culture of cardiac cells from a sequence of microscopy fluorescence images. The approach quantifies both the response of each individual cell in the culture to external field stimulation and the propagation properties of calcium wave-fronts, thus providing complementary information at(More)
The damaging effects of high plasma levels of cholesterol in the cardiovascular system are widely known, but little attention has been paid to direct effects on cardiomyocyte function. We therefore aimed at testing the hypothesis that Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol affects calcium dynamics and signal propagation in cultured atrial myocytes. For(More)
We have developed an automatic method for the analysis and identification of dynamical regimes in intracellular calcium patterns from confocal calcium images. The method allows the identification of different dynamical patterns such as spatially concordant and discordant alternans, irregular behavior or phase-locking regimes such as period doubling or(More)
We present a novel image processing method to determine the location of ryanodine receptors in cardiac cells. A semi-automatic manual validation by an expert has been used in order to establish the performance of the segmentation method. The approach provides high accuracy under different experimental conditions and it is robust to common sources of noise(More)
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