A. Valero

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Previously, we have shown that transplants of olfactory bulb ensheathing cells promoted regeneration of transected dorsal roots into the spinal cord. In this study, we assessed the ability of regenerating axons to make functional connections in the cord. Dorsal roots L3 to L6 were sectioned close to their entrance into the spinal cord and reapposed after(More)
This paper describes a new tripolar spiral cuff electrode, composed of a thin (10 microm) and flexible polyimide insulating carrier and three circumneural platinum electrodes, suitable for stimulation of peripheral nerves. The cuffs were implanted around the sciatic nerve of two groups of ten rats each, one in which the polyimide ribbon was attached to a(More)
The main objective of this study was to determine the degree of sensitization to Anisakis simplex s.l. in healthy population. Using the determination of specific IgE, we studied the seroprevalence against A. simplex s.l. in blood donors selected at random in the region of Antequera (Southern Spain). We detected 22.1%. The immunoblotting technique revealed a(More)
This paper describes the in vitro cultivation of the 3rd-larval stage (L3) of Anisakis simplex to adulthood in a much simpler and easier to prepare medium than those described to date. The adult males obtained are between 3.8 and 6.5 cm long and the females between 4.5 and 8.0 cm. Some individually cultivated females laid eggs which had an average size of(More)
This is the first demonstration of the in vitro development of the 3rd-stage larvae (L3) of Hysterothylacium aduncum to the adult. This was achieved in a semi-defined medium that is easy to prepare and to reproduce. The L3, collected from the peritoneal cavity of horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus), were individually inoculated into RPMI-1640 medium +20%(More)
Sciatic nerve resection leaving a 15 mm gap could not be repaired by bridging the stumps with a silicone tube prefilled with a laminin gel. However, when purified olfactory ensheathing cells (EC) were added to the gel filling the tube, successful axonal regeneration was observed in 50% of rats. With 12 mm gaps, regeneration occurred in 79% of rats with(More)
The existence of sibling species is widespread among nematodes and the recognition of these has important epidemiological implications. In an attempt to establish whether this is the case for Hysterothylacium fabri, which is present in many Mediterranean fish species, we studied its genetic diversity and analysed its population structure. To do this, we(More)
The main objective of this study was to analyze the effects of early social isolation on the expression of calbindin D-28k (CAD-28k) in cerebellar Purkinje cells. Sprague-Dawley rats were reared either in isolation (IC) or socially housed conditions (SC) from postnatal days 18-32. Half of the rats of each group were sacrificed at 32 days of age and the(More)
We studied the parasitization by Anisakis spp. in European hake (Merluccius merluccius) of 40–52 cm from the Atlantic off northwest Africa and the Mediterranean off southern Spain. Infection parameters differed: The fish from the Atlantic showing a prevalence of 87.97% and a mean intensity of 4.69, while, in those from the Mediterranean, these were 41.27%(More)
An epidemiological survey of anisakids was carried out on 209 specimens of greater forkbeard (Phycis blennoides) and 58 of forkbeard (Phycis phycis) captured off the Mediterranean coasts of Andalucía (southern Spain). Four species of nematodes were identified: Anisakis simplex s.l., Anisakis physeteris, Hysterothylacium aduncum and Hysterothylacium fabri.(More)