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AIMS To investigate whether the lipid profile of pregnant women during parturition differs from the profile at previous stages of pregnancy and to determine the effects of maternal lipid changes on fetal or neonatal haemorheology. METHODS Sixty pregnant women were studied, divided into two groups. Group 1 contained 30 women of mean age of 27 (SD 3) years(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the kynurenine and methoxyindole metabolic pathways of tryptophan in order to identify changes in premature neonates and in neonates suffering from fetal distress. METHODS One hundred and twelve neonates were assigned to three groups: normal neonates (control group), preterm neonates (neonates born before the 37th gestational week)(More)
BACKGROUND The deformability of the red blood cell is a important factor in the blood viscosity and it is related with the blood viscosity and it is modified by the plasma biochemical characteristics and the composition of hemoglobin in the red blood cell. In this study, we want to compare the rheologic characteristics in the blood of cord umbilical in term(More)
The pineal gland in humans is under both alpha- and beta-adrenergic control, although it seems that beta1-adrenoceptors are mainly implicated in melatonin secretion. In the present study, we evaluated the role of beta-adrenergic innervation on melatonin production and its relation with the production of growth hormone (GH). Thirty-four children (15 males(More)
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