A. V. Vodopyanov

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We present the first results of studying a pulsed (20 μs) discharge in nitrogen, which is produced by high-power (40 kW) focused beam of terahertz (0.67 THz) waves. The time dynamics of the discharge plasma glowing is studied in a wide range of wavelengths (300-650 nm) and gas pressures (0.5-350 Torr). An assumption is made about the determining role(More)
Summary form only given as follows. Nonequilibrium dense ECR plasma sustained by a millimeter wave radiation of gyrotrons has much benefit for modern and future applications. High power and short wavelength of heating radiation make it possible to produce plasma with unique parameters. Key features of such plasma are its nonequilibrium condition (electron(More)
The superconducting solenoid of the PANDA experiment at the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) in Darmstadt (Germany) is designed to provide a magnetic field of 2 T over a length of about 4 m in a bore of 1.9 m. To allow a warm target feed pipe oriented transversely to the solenoid axis and penetrating through the cryostat and solenoid cold(More)
We performed measurements of plasma density in a “point-like” discharge, which is generated in a nonuniform flow of a gas (argon) under the action of high-power terahertz gyrotron radiation with a frequency of 0.67 THz, a power of 40 kW, and a pulse duration of 20 μs. The nonuniform flow was produced by injecting the gas to the vacuum(More)
Results of experimental tests of a high-power sub-terahertz gyrotron with a pulse solenoid are presented. The operating frequency corresponds to the atmospheric transparency window (0.66-0.67 THz). The output power up to 200 kW in single 50 microsecond pulses was obtained. The 0.3THz/0.5 MW tube is under experimental tests. Gas discharges have been realized(More)
High charge state heavy metal ion beams have been formed by high power microwave heating of vacuum arc plasma confined in magnetic traps. Two types of magnetic traps were investigated, one a simple mirror configuration and the other a cusp configuration with inherent “minimum-B” structure. Pulsed high power (>;100 kW) gyrotrons with(More)
The dynamics of an ion beam formed in a two-electrode extraction system with a long puller is studied. The dependence of the extracted beam current on the plasma density is investigated numerically and experimentally. It is found that the dependence is weak the “plateau regime” , when the density greatly exceeds the optimal value corresponding to the(More)
Line soft X-ray emission of pulse electron-cyclotron resonance (ECR) discharge in Argon sustained by powerful beam of millimeter waves in a mirror magnetic trap was investigated. X-ray spectrum in a range 6–17 nm has been obtained, absolute spectral intensity of radiation in this range has been determined. It was shown that such discharge is an(More)