A. V. V. Nampoothiri

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Lasing from HCN gas contained in HC-PCF is observed for the first time. Mid-IR pulses (3.15 and 3.09 &#x03BC;m) were generated by optically pumping at 1.54 &#x03BC;m. A <sup>12</sup>C<sub>2</sub>H<sub>2</sub>-filled gas laser is also studied quantitatively.
Lasing from population inversion is demonstrated from gas contained in a hollow-core kagome structured photonic crystal fiber. Laser pulses in the mid-IR (3.1&#x2013;3.2 &#x00B5;m) were generated by optically pumping at &#x03BB; &#x223C; 1.5 &#x00B5;m.
We demonstrate what we believe is the first hollow fiber gas laser based on population inversion. A single-cell-defect Kagome fiber with a core diameter of about 40 microns was filled with a few torr of acetylene (<sup>12</sup>C<inf>2</inf>H<inf>2</inf>). Acetylene has absorption transitions in the attractive telecommunication C band region and recently(More)
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