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The selective testicular venography can establish the presence and localization of undescended non-palpable testes in children. The morphofunctional state of non-palpable undescended testes can be estimated on the basis of the data obtained which helps to make a correct choice of the surgical treatment.
Evoked potential (EPs) and responses of the medial (MPO) and lateral (LPO) preoptic region (RPO) and adjacent structures of the hypothalamus to stimulation of the prefrontal (area 8) and cingulate (area 24) cortex, piriform lobe (periamygdaloid cortex), and hippocampus (area CA3) were investigated in acute experiments on cats under ketamine anesthesia. The(More)
Responses of hypothalamic neurons to single (1/s, 20 impulses) stimulation of the prefrontal (area 8), cingulum (area 24), periamygdaloideus (RPA) cortex and hippocampus (field CA3) were studied on experimental cats anesthetized with ketamine. The routine elaborated for IBM PC/AT 386 provided: 1) selection of such neurone reaction with the latent period(More)
The article deals with the results of examination and nonoperative treatment of 120 children with vesicoureteral reflux (VUR). Their ages ranged from 3 to 13 years. The authors used a complex of methods for the examination of the functional condition of the kidneys, upper urinary tract (excretory urography, renoscintigraphy, electroureterography, clearance(More)
Oligocarbonate methacrylate-based hexahedral compression plates (CPs) are proposed for adjustment of wound edges and skin grafts during reconstructive operations in the eyelid area and its adjacent tissues. A hundred and twenty-eight reparative operations in the eyelid and its adjacent tissues, by employing various plastic repairs, were analyzed to make a(More)
Life expectancy and quality of sanatorium rehabilitation for patients with macrofocal myocardial lesions vary in line with severity of cardiac arrhythmia and left ventricular dysfunction. 24-h monitoring revealed defects in cardiac rhythm and conduction in 44.2% of cases. 42% and 36% of patients had ventricular extrasystole and high-grade Lown-Wolf ectopy,(More)