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The article presents study results that demonstrate biochemical and neurohumoral disorders in machinery construction workers. The authors defined characteristics of changed functional state of adrenocorticotropic and luteotropic regulation, that is presented in central and peripheral endocrine system divisions.
Having analyzed literature data and results of their own research, the authors describe early alterations on the cellular and molecular levels of the organism in exposure to local and general vibration. Those include changes in oxidative metabolism, immune shifts, lesions of cell membranes, deterioration of blood rheology, lesions of muscular and connecting(More)
The article presents study results that demonstrate chronic fatigue syndrome in patients with vibration disease. Clinical manifestations of chronic fatigue syndrome are characterized by changes in the emotional-volitional and cognitive areas. Application of nootropic drug cortexin increases the efficiency of rehabilitation in patients with vibration disease(More)
Neuro-psychologic studies demonstrated that alexithymia manifestations are more frequent in vibration disease patients than in the reference group. With the disease progress alexithymia increases. Alexithymic traits are combined with neurologic disorders, increased anxiety, inclination to depressive response to stress situation. Using nootropics increases(More)
The article deals with new scientific data on influence of industrial vibration on prevalence of androgen deficiency in vibration disease pateints, correlation between androgen deficiency level and general somatic diseases in vibration disease patients, criteria of early diagnosis of the combined pathology.
Different methods of studying of the human olfactory system are considered in connection with its anatomo-physiological peculiarities. The character and ways of stimulus delivery (open or closed), optimum time of stimulation and influence of odour concentration upon the emotional response have been considered. The methods of registration of the provoked(More)
The paper presents the results of transcranial electrical stimulation (TES) in treating patients with vibration disease and occupational lumbosacral radiculopathy. It is shown that the inclusion of TES in the program of rehabilitation therapy gives a more pronounced clinical effect, helps to reduce pain, has psychological correcting antidepressant action(More)
The article presents results of research aimed to diagnosis and treatment of tunnel upper limb neuropathies in mining industry workers subjected to vibration factor. The authors specified diagnostic criteria for early diagnosis of tunnel neuropathies affecting median, ulnar and radial nerves, with the severity evaluation for further adequate treatment.