A V Starostin

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The channel-forming properties of two analogs of gramicidin, gramicidin-ethylenediamine (gram-EDA), and gramicidin-N,N-dimethylethylenediamine (gram-DMEDA) were studied in planar lipid bilayers, using protons as the permeant ion. These peptides have positively charged amino groups tethered to their C-terminal ends via a linker containing a carbamate group.(More)
The peptide alamethicin provides a system for engineering ion channel charge selectivity. To define alamethicin charge selectivity experimentally, we measured single-channel current-voltage relationships in KCl gradients using covalently linked peptide dimers. Two factors were found to contribute to the charge selectivity of these channels: (i) the ionic(More)
The aim of the present work was to evaluate clinical efficacy of the biospecific hemosorbent "Liposorb". The main component of "Liposorb" is polyacrylamide gel containing an immobilized affine ligand (antibiotic polymyxin E-colistyne). 40 patients with abdominal sepsis and peritonitis of different genesis underwent a total of 52 seances of vein-venous(More)
The authors analyze of the results of applying hemocarboperfusion in treatment of opiate addiction. All the patients were treated in the Belorussian center of sorption methods of detoxication and plasmapheresis. It is shown that 4-5 procedures of hemocarboperfusion in combination with infusion and drug therapy allow to correct of withdrawal mental and(More)
The peptide alamethicin self-assembles to form helix bundle ion channels in membranes. Previous macroscopic measurements have shown that these channels are mildly cation-selective. Models indicate that a source of cation selectivity is a zone of partial negative charge toward the C-terminal end of the peptide. We synthesized an alamethicin derivative with a(More)
The coincidence of action spectrum of SH-groups and lipid oxidation is shown in the photoreceptor photodamaging process. Dose dependence of the process is measured in the maximum of photooxidation (380 nm). Dose of 0.1 J/cm2 is the threshold of photodamaging of photoreceptor membrane. Oxygen consumption in photooxidation of rhodopsin SH-groups and lipids(More)
Kinetics of retinal photosensitized initiation of radicals of sulfhydryl groups of cysteine and rhodopsin is investigated by spin trapping. Photooxidation of both systems is the result of free radical mechanism. Photooxidation of SH-groups proceeds both with singlet oxygen participation and by direct interaction of photosensitizer with the substrate. The(More)
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