A V Sidorenko

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This study examines some characteristics of the lymphohaemopoietic system of heterochronically parabiosed CBA mice. It was found that a decline of the primary immune response in a young mouse sutured with an old one is accompanied with the diminution of: bone marrow and thymus cellularity; thymus weight; haemopoietic stem cells (CFC-S) and(More)
The experiments on rats have shown that the effect of millimeter range electromagnetic radiation on the bioelectric brain activity is dependent on the initial functional state of central nervous system. Microwaves are able to cause a nonspecific electroencephalographic reaction of synchronization and probably the lower the bioelectric brain process dynamics(More)
Strychnine and microwave radiation produced changes in spectral parameters of electrocorticogram, correlation dimension, and Kolmogorov entropy, parameters calculated by the methods of nonlinear dynamics opposite to those induced by urethane. The modulatory effect of microwaves on bioelectric cerebral activity in narcotized animals was similar to the effect(More)
The bone marrow content, proliferative potential and proliferative activity of precursor cells for stromal fibroblast colony forming cells (CFC-F) were investigated in young and old CBA mice. The relationship between CFC-F and the number of bone marrow nucleated cells and granulocytic-macrophagal precursors (GM-CFC) was studied as well. The results obtained(More)
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