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Using the complex of histological methods (staining with toluidine blue, silver nitrate impregnation and application of retrograde fluorescent dye primulin) the data on the neural elements spatial localization within Peyer patches of the small intestine and their connections with the rest of enteric metasympathetic nervous system in rat was obtained.(More)
Forty-eight two-month-old outbred female LIO rats were injected weekly with a single dose of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine (DMH; 21 mg/kg of body weight) administered s.c. for 15 consecutive weeks. From the day of the 1st injection of the carcinogen the part of rats were given five days a week during the night time (from 18.00 h to 08.00 h) melatonin dissolved in(More)
Subcutaneous administration of vilon (Lys-Glu) to female CBA mice starting from the 6th month of life increased physical activity and endurance, decreased body temperature, prolonged the lifespan, and prevented the development of spontaneous neoplasms. Vilon had no effect on age-related changes of estrous function and free radical processes. Long-term(More)
Fifty female CBA mice were given melatonin with drinking water (20 mg/l) for 5 consecutive days monthly, beginning from the age of 6 months, until natural death. Another 50 intact mice were used as controls. Melatonin failed to significantly influence body weight or food consumption. Age-related switching-off of estrus function was delayed, body temperature(More)
The influence of cycloferon and its combinations with cyclo-phosphamide on the growth of transplantable tumors was studied in rats with lymphosarcoma of Pliss and CBA and NMRI mice bearing Ehrlich's carcinoma and leukemia L1210. While cycloferon alone failed to significantly influence tumor growth, treatment with 100 mg/kg of the drug was followed by longer(More)
Following unilateral intranasal oxytocin administration, asymmetric alterations in some functional parameters of the adrenal glands, testis, lungs and heart, occurred. The lateralization of alterations was dependent on the side of oxytocin injection and the side of paired organ arrevgenent. Possible pathways of intranasal oxytocin administration effects on(More)
Female CBA mice were injected with s.c. synthetic tetrapeptide Epithalon from a 6-month age until death. The drug failed to affect the body weight or food consumption, physical activity or behavioural parameters. However, it slowed down the age-related switching off of the estrus function, decreased body temperature, decelerated free redical processes,(More)