A. V. Senthil Kumar

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The consistency of data in central databases is normally implemented by using the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) properties of a DBMS (Data Base Management System). However, it is not possible to use the ACID properties of a DBMS if distributed and/or mobile databases are involved and at the same time, the availability of data also(More)
Breast cancer is a highly disease which the women's are mostly affected. The main cause of womens death is not only by the tumor cells that affects the Breast Cancer but its metastases at different sites, such as lumph nodes and other organs (i. e lung, liver and bones). Identifying the circulating tumor cells in the blood that results from tumor cell(More)
A computerized method for recognizing plant leaf based on their images is proposed. Plant classification is based on leaf identification which has broad application on prospective in medicine and agriculture. Plant leaf images corresponding to six plant types are taken using a digital camera which are examined using three different modeling techniques,(More)
Social networks have become a part in the daily life of millions of users, which offer wide range of interests and practices. The main characteristic of social networks is its ability to gather different individuals around a common point of view or collective beliefs. Among the current social networking sites, Facebook is the most popular, which has the(More)
The exhaustive information available in the World Wide Web indeed, unfolds the challenge of exploring the apposite, precise and relevant data in every search result. Apparently, in such instances of web-searching, Query Recommendations is the ultimate application in information retrieval. The Query Recommendation technique provides alternative queries to(More)
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