A. V. Romanov

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AIM To examine the effects of electromagnetic field with amplified magnetic component and local inductive hyperthermia (IH) on nonlinear dynamics of the growth of animal tumors. MATERIALS AND METHODS Guerin carcinoma, Lewis lung carcinoma, sarcoma 45, Walker 256 carcinosarcoma and Pliss lymphosarcoma were studied. The animal tumors were exposed inside of(More)
The mechanoemission (ME) of blood is developed as a result of mechanochemical activation of a sample which is layered onto chromatographic paper. This paper describes computer-controlled device, aimed for generation, detection and analysis of ME data in the blood of the persons investigated. The original algorithm for estimation of ME chaos in blood is(More)
Bacterial resistance studies using in vitro dynamic models are highly dependent on the starting inoculum that might or might not contain spontaneously resistant mutants (RMs). To delineate concentration-resistance relationships with linezolid-exposed Staphylococcus aureus, a mixed inoculum containing both susceptible cells and RMs was used. An RM selected(More)
Targeting of mechanochemically activated doxorubicin (MA DOXO) nanoparticles, conventional doxorubicin, and electromagnetic irradiation (EMI) at A-549 lung carcinoma cells in vitro was investigated. Conventional DOXO was micronized using an input energy of 20 W/g for 5 min resulting in positively charged MA DOXO particles 10 times smaller than conventional(More)
Electron microscopic study of Lewis lung carcinoma cell mitochondria after intravenous injection of a magnetosensitive nanocomplex based on ferric oxide (Fe3O4) nanoparticles and doxorubicin followed by radiofrequency hyperthermia showed that a common increase of the electron density of the cytoplasm was paralleled by mitochondrial edema in comparison with(More)
The operative treatment results were studied in 706 patients with wide-spread clinical forms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), using elaborated criterions for two probabilities in the case of depending frequencies, one of them, based on confiding limits for unknown probability, the second--on confiding interval, which was built in accordance to the(More)
Objectives To test the mutant selection window (MSW) hypothesis applied to linezolid-exposed Staphylococcus aureus and to delineate the concentration-resistance relationship, a mixed inoculum of linezolid-susceptible S. aureus cells and linezolid-resistant mutants (RMs) was exposed to linezolid multiple dosing. Methods Three S. aureus strains (MIC of(More)
While local hyperthermia application the intratumoral blood flow is enhancing, leading to oxygenation and vascular permeability for antitumoral medicines. The work objective was to investigate the dependence of the development kinetics in carcinoma Gereni (CG) from combined action of doxorubicin (DR) and the kind of thermal impact, a contact one--due to a(More)