A. V. Rokhin

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A new glucan, namely, piptoporane I, with a molecular mass of 270 kDa was isolated from fruiting bodies of Piptoporus betulinis (Bull.:Fr.) Karst. (Fomitopsidacaeae). Using a combination of physicochemical methods, it was established that piptoporane I was a branched glucan with a backbone consisting of α-(1 → 3)-glucopyranose residues substituted at the(More)
Water-soluble polysaccharides from seeds of true cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum White at Maton, family Zingiberaceae) have been studied. The study has shown the presence of neutral and acidic components in these polysaccharides. Three polysaccharides (380, 166, and 27 kDa) have been isolated from the neutral fraction. According to the structural analysis(More)
Alkali-soluble polysaccharides have been extracted from Laetiporus Sulphureus (Bull.: Fr.) Murr fruit bodies with a yield of 42.7%. The structure of the dominant polymer (16.05% of fruit bodies' mass), named latiglucan I, has been determined. It is linear beta-1,3-glucan (molecular weight 1.8 x 10(5) Da, [alpha]D-17 degrees).
Melanin complex was isolated from mycelium of the basidiomycete Laetiporus sulphumreus (Bull.: Fr.) Murr (with a yield of 2.49% of the fresh weight). UV and IR spectroscopies, gel chromatography, and alkaline cleavage assay demonstrated that the isolated melanin was heterogeneous and belonged to the dihydronaphthalene type. 13C-NMR data suggested that(More)
Enzymatic oxidation of ferulic acid catalyzed by oxidases (laccase and peroxidase) was carried out. Ferulic acid was shown to be subjected to oxidative processes leading to the formation of oligomeric and polymeric structures. The polymer formation takes place due to the formation of CAr-CAr-, and CAr-O-CAr-bonds, as well as due to reactions of opening of(More)
By the hot water extraction method, galactomannan was extracted (4.5% yield of the seed mass) from the seeds of Chinese honey locust (Gleditsia sinensis Lam). It had a molecular weight of 1230 kDa, and its solutions had a high viscosity [eta] of 1064 ml/g and optical activity [alpha]D + 21.4 degrees. The polysaccharide consists of mannose and galactose(More)
Endopolysaccharides represented by glucans, galactans, and glycoproteins were isolated from the fruiting bodies of the sulfur shelf (Laetiporus sulphureus (Bull.:Fr.) Murr), which were obtained by the natural-plantation method. The study of the major 56-kDa polysaccharide, laetiporan A, the content of which accounted for 0.28% of the fruiting body weight,(More)
Galactomannan with a molecular weight of 1976 kDa was isolated by hot water extraction from the locoweed (Oxytropis lanata (Pallas) DC) seeds (yield, 3.68% of the seed weight); its solutions display high viscosity: [eta] = 1697.7 ml/g and optical activity [alpha]D + 76.8 degrees. The polysaccharide consists of mannose and galactose residues at a molar ratio(More)
Galactomannans from the seeds of Ural licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.) obtained by hot water extraction of freshly ripened (GGu-1) and overwintered (GGu-2) seeds were studied. GGu-1 and GGu-2 (yield, 1.98 and 1.99% of the seed weight) had molecular weights of 1379 and 877 kDa, respectively; their solutions were characterized by high viscosity ([eta](More)
Quantitative 13C NMR spectroscopy has been used to study the chemical structure of industrial kraft lignin, obtained from softwood pulping, and its nitrosated derivatives, which demonstrate high inhibition activity in the polymerization of unsaturated hydrocarbons.
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