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Data mining techniques are applied in building software fault prediction models for improving the software quality. Early identification of high-risk modules can assist in quality enhancement efforts to modules that are likely to have a high number of faults. Classification tree models are simple and effective as software quality prediction models, and(More)
We propose a Vector quantization (VQ) based index cube model for content based image retrieval. VQ captures the pixel intensity and the spatial information of the image blocks. An indexing and retrieval algorithm is implemented and different similarity measures are evaluated with the precision and recall curves. It can be used for content based image(More)
In this paper, we explain a novel technique for using vector quantization (VQ) for large scale content based information retrieval of any type of images, not restricted to the compressed domain. The main problem with VQ is the size of the source vectors that is used to generate the global codebook, which represents all images in the database. We have(More)
In bioinformatics, motif finding is one of the most common problems. It is to locate recurring patterns in the sequence of nucleotides or amino acids. The main difficulty of the problem is that the patterns are not exact matches owing to biological mutations. It is NP-complete. Within the literature many solutions have been provided for this challenging(More)
An image index model has been proposed that uses vector quantization (VQ) to index the images. This index structure uses the Hausdorff distortion (HD) to enable faster retrieval of images from an image database. The authors have compared the HD value with the Modified Hausdorff distance (MHD) and Encoding Distortion Distance (EDD). The results show higher(More)
This paper proposes a genetic quantum algorithm based on discrete time quantum walk (QWGA) to solve 0-1 quadratic knapsack problem. Genetic Quantum Algorithms makes use of the qubit representation and superposition phenomenon which are the counter-intuitive characteristics of quantum mechanics. Discrete Quantum Walk (DQW) on a hypercube is used in the place(More)
In this paper, the incremental codebook generation process, which is a technique for representing a database of images as a single codebook, that captures the content of all the images is proposed. Vector quantization (VQ) is used for creating the codebook of the image. The main problem with VQ is the size of the training sequence that is used to generate(More)