A. V. N. Tilak

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A function is reversible if each input vector produces a unique output vector. Reversible logic is of growing importance to many future computer technologies. In this paper, the design of a reversible Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) is presented making use of multiplexer unit as well as control signals. ALU is one of the most important components of CPU that(More)
Now a days, power has become a primary consideration in hardware design, and is critical in computer systems especially for portable devices with high performance and more functionality. Clock-gating is the most common technique used for reducing processor's power. In this work clock gating technique is applied to optimize the power of fully programmable(More)
Floating Point (FP) multiplication is widely used in large set of scientific and signal processing computation. Multiplication is one of the common arithmetic operations in these computations. A high speed floating point double precision multiplier is implemented on a Virtex-6 FPGA. In addition, the proposed design is compliant with IEEE-754 format and(More)
Modern Avionics are controlled by sophisticated mission components in the Aircraft. The control function is implemented via a standard ARINC-429 bus interface. It is a two-wire point-to-point serial data bus for control communications in Avionics. The bus operates 12.5 or 100kb/sec, the implementation is envisaged for one transmits and receive channel(More)
Floating point arithmetic is widely used in many areas, especially scientific computation and signal processing. For many signal processing, and graphics applications, it is acceptable to trade off some accuracy (in the least significant bit positions) for faster and better implementations. However, most of these modern applications need higher frequency or(More)
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