A. V. Matyukhin

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Data on the species composition and biology of Diptera, parasitizing on 11 bird species, including Passer montanus, Passer domesticus, Parus coeruleus, Parus major, Corvus frugilegus, Corvus cornix, Sturnus vulgaris, Emberiza citronella, Jynx torquilla, Anthus trivialis, and Crex crex, are given. Biological features of Protocalliphora azurea, Carnus(More)
The repeated collecting of marked darkling beetle species, including the diurnal species Tentyria gigas and the nocturnal species Cyphogenia gibba from Kazakhstan demonstrated that their home ranges constituted 457 and 360 m2, respectively. More than 500 beetles from an area of 2.5 ha were marked by engraving numbers on their elytra. Beetles were observed(More)
A synopsis of 20 species of Diptera Cyclorrhapha from 10 families occurring in bird nests is presented. Some species were found for the first time in bird nests. The roles of each fly species in the bird nest consortia, the mode of larval life, associations with nestlings or nest substrate are discussed. Most flies are widely distributed, the possible(More)
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